How to scan small part in high resolution (up to 0.03 mm) with FreeScan software

  1. In FreeScan software, the max resolution you can select is 0.1mm, but if you are scanning a small part (that requires high details/smaller point distance) you can select resolution up to 0.03mm in HD Mode.
  2. Scan the background that is around your object with any resolution (for example 0.5mm)
  3. Switch to “Partial HD Scanning” and select a higher resolution (up to 0.03mm) and use the lasso to select the whole object.

  1. Scan again your object with the new resolution.
  2. Select generate and optimize point cloud.
  3. Create a cutting plane that is level with the table/background of your object (In this example, markers were used to create a level cutting plane). This way the software with delete all unnecessary data except your object.
  4. Mesh you point cloud

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