FreeScan UE - New project and resolution settings

This article was created using software version FreeScan UE_v1.2.2.4.

This article deals with the creation of a new project and the setting of the resolution for the new project.

Start new project

When you use the scanner for the first time you need to calibrate. If you want to know more about the calibration process, please read the following articles:

FreeScan UE - Calibration (video)

FreeScan UE - Calibration (tutorial)

On the first page two buttons are available. One is "New project group" the other is "Open project group". For a new project click on the button "New project group". A new window will pop up. Now you need to select the location where you want to save the project, and you need to give the new project a name. In the video bellow you can see the process.

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Choose the correct resolution 

The next step is to choose the right resolution for you scan. 

In general, the larger the object, the lower the resolution should be chosen, and vice versa. 

The table bellow gives you a rough overview for the object size and the resolution. 

Object size



0,1mm - 0,2mm

Engine parts

0,3mm - 0,4mm

Car seat, car cockpit 

0,5mm - 1mm

Table (for 6 persons)

1mm - 1,5mm

Whole car


The resolution can be chosen by clicking on the icons "High Detail", "Medium Detail" and "Low Detail" or you can use the slider on the right side to set the resolution for the new project. 

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NOTE: You can not change the set resolution after you set it. 

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