FreeScan Combo - Calibration

This article will help you to calibrate your FreeScan Combo in 5 steps. We recommend calibrating it if you've transported the scanner and may have encountered more movement, changes in temperatures from outside to inside, if you haven't made a calibration for at least 30 days, or if the scans that you've made are having noise or not registering points properly.

Before starting the calibration, make sure that the scanner is connected to the PC, turned on (with the fan spinning), and recognized by the software.

Watch a video tutorial!

Step 1: Open the software FreeScan.

Step 2: Position your calibration board.

Position your calibration board with R to your right and L to your left on a table or a flat surface. The calibration board will look like the picture from below if you have it in front.

Attention: Please take care while using the calibration board. Do not scratch it, remove any markers, make any changes to the markers, only use it in the calibration procedure, and store it in the box after the calibration is done. If the calibration board is damaged, you need to contact

Step 3: Press on the calibration circle.

Please wait until the initialization is done.

The calibration window will look like the following:

Step 4: Start the calibration

While in the calibration mode, the procedure can be started from the software or from the middle button(2) on the scanner.

Step 5: Move the scanner in the pattern asked by the software.

There are 6 steps in the software that the user must do in order to calibrate.

Meanwhile, there are 4 visual feedback options to verify if the position is correct. The first is the tilt right or left. The second is the tilt up or down. The third is the gray circle and the blue circle. The 4th is the height of the scan. There is one audio feedback that indicates that the scan is registered. 

If the first step in the calibration is missing some values like in the case below, the software will tell you what you need to do to register all the points. In this case, you will have to align the scanner and go a bit slower from down to up in height.

Make sure that the height is all registered.

After the first step is done, it will go to step 2: center and align the scanner and position it like in the red box below.

Incline the scanner in front and follow the instructions in the software until the last step.

After the step 6 of the calibration, the calibration results will appear on the screen.

Step 6: Press "Next" and you are ready to scan.

If the calibration fails, please try again. If it fails the second time, please check with this article here if your PC is set up correctly. When your PC is correctly set up but the calibration still fails, please contact our support via

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