Connect the scanner with the computer

This article will help you in, 6 steps, to connect your scanner to your PC. It is really important to make sure that all connections are tight and the cables are not loose in the specific place. 

Instructions on how to connect the Scanner to the Computer

Step 1: Connect the aviation cable (4) to the power port (1) and the USB port (2

  • The necessary cables and items are in the box with the scanner

Step 2: Connect the power cord (6) to the power adapter (7

Step 3: Connect the power adapter (5) into the aviation cable (4). 

Step 4: Connect USB port (3) on the aviation cable to the PC USB 3.0 port

  • Usually the USB 3.0 is marked with the color Blue 


    It usually happens if the connection in not with USB 3.0, that the scanner will not be seen or it will register very hard the points while scanning.

Cross the 2.0

Step 5: Insert the Dongle (8) into the PC USB port.


    The Dongle USB is the key that lets the software FreeScan to be access, without it the software and the scanner will not work.


    Ensure that cables are not loose during the above operations. You are suggested to use fastening tools to prevent the device from being offline.


    Make sure you are using the correct power adapter (12V/5A). 

Step 6: Plug in the socket the power connection to power up the scanner.

For more information visit Page 4 from the User Manual 

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