Crash warning message while scanning

This article lists many reasons for the crash warning window to pop up on the FreeScan software while scanning and give tips how to avoid such warning.

When scanning huge object like a car size or bigger, a crash warning window will pop up. This is due to multiple factors:

  1. The most common reason is selecting higher resolution (point distance). We recommend 2mm or more of point distance. Creating a cutting plane to not scan the background is a good practice to follow. If a certain area needs to be scanned with a smaller point distance than the other areas, you can use the HD mode (available like in FreeScan UE Pro).
  2. Scanning the whole big object at one time is not ideal. Plan to scan your object in sections (multiple projects) and align them later.
  3. If the scanned object is for inspection you can try to avoid collecting a lot of data in unnecessary areas that wouldn’t be used for inspection or alignment. The more time you spend scanning unnecessary area, the more the point cloud increase. Thus, will trigger crash warning.
  4. We recommend to use the ASC file (point cloud) for inspection instead of mesh. Thus, meshing will not run your computing system to its limit and cause the crash.
  5. Having other software running in the background will cause the warning. Make sure to close all other software when scanning a big object.
  6. Make sure the GPU, CPU, and RAM specs of your computer is the recommended config. Also, the GPU to be up to date.
  7. Make sure your computer is plugged to power and not relying on battery.

Following these tips will save you time in computer processing and the chance of losing your project due to a crash

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