FreeScan UE - Dongle update when "Dongle has expired (H0041)"

This article explains how to update the dongle.


When the dongle is connected, it should shine red.

The dongle should also be detected in the Windows' Device Manager (marked in red in the picture below). 

If you get such message when opening the software you need to update the dongle.

1. Collect the dongle information

For the update, you need to download the tool from this link.

After you download the UE_DongelUpdateTool.exe please double-click on it to start it. Then choose the “Update of existing protection key” and click on the “collect information” button. 

Then a new window pops up. Please select the location where you want to save the file and then click on save.  

2. Send the collected information

Please send this file to our mail. 

Important: Please also send us the model type you are using (UE7, UE11, UE Pro or Combo) and also the serial number of the calibration board and of the scanner. To avoid spelling issues you can send a picture of the board like bellow. 

3. Update the dongle

You will receive a new file from us via mail. Please save the file on your PC. Then start the UE_DongelUpdateTool.exe again and click on the “Apply License File”. After that, please click on the icon with the 3 points.

A new window pops up. Please go to the location where you saved the new file. Click on the file and then click on “Open”.

Please click now on “Apply Update”

You should see now a message like bellow that the update was successful.

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