PC requirements for FreeScan UE7 & UE11

General rules

  • CPU: higher CPU efficiency helps increase data processing speed
  • The CPU must include AVX instruction set extensions
  • RAM: Larger RAM allows you: 
    • a) Scan more points
    • b) Process larger data
  • NVIDIA GPU: An Nvidia graphics card is mandatory to run the software, with at least 1280 CUDA Cores (RTX/GTX/Quadro)

The table below shows both the required and recommended PC Configuration for the FreeScan UE 7 & 11.

ItemRequired PC Configuration    

Recommended PC Configuration

Operating System    
win10 64bit

USB Port

1 of 3.0 port
RAM16 GB32 GB (dual-channel)
CPUIntel I5 3th Gen
Intel i7-8700 or higher
Graphic cardNVIDIA  GeForce GTX1080NVIDIA RTX3060 with 6GB or higher
Screen resolution

1920*1080 DPI: 100%;

3840*2106 DPI: 100%; 200%

If you have any further questions, please send us an email to metrology_support@shining3d.com.

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