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This article will give you information about the calibration of the scanner. It explains when to calibrate and how to perform the calibration.   


1. When to calibrate

The scanner need to be calibrated when:

  • using it for the first time
  • changing the PC
  • the scanner has problem with alignment or seeing the markers
  • you transport the scanner to another location
  • the temperature changed (for example the scanner was in the car overnight and in the morning you take it to the office and want to start scanning)

2. Calibration hardware set up

Each scanner has it's own calibration board. The picture bellow shows you how it looks like.

For the calibration you must place the big plate under the board. 

Make sure that the recesses (surrounded orange) are on top of each other.

In the video bellow you can see the installation process.

Please ensure that the scanner is correct to see in the device manager of Windows. When the scanner is correct connected you should see it like bellow.

If you have don't see the scanner it might be that the driver are missing. Here you can download the camera driver:

Please download it, install it and check the device manger again.

3. Online activation

When you have open the software, click on calibration. A new window pops up. On the top you can choose the correct file for the calibration board. Ensure that the number of the back side of the board fit to the number you choose in the drop down menu. If you use the scanner for the first time you need to download the file from the Internet. For that click on the download button in the description of the window.  A new window pops up where you type in the number of the calibration bard which is on the back side of it. After it click on "Confirm" and the fiel is downloaded and seen in the drop down menu. Now you can click on "start calibration".

In the video bellow you can see the process

4. Offline activation

In the case that the PC which you are using has no excess to the internet. Write a mail to and send the serial number of the scanner and the number of the calibration board to us. We will send you the file which you need for your scanner. Please copy the file to the following location. 


After it you wil se the number in the drop down menu. Then you click on "start calibration". In the video bellow you see the process.

5. Calibration

After you have the activation file you just click on start calibration. To see/check the calibration steps from the scanner please click on "Calibration Details". After the calibration is done you will get a pop up window with "calibration success". When you click on the "i" in the left corner you will see the details results of the calibrating. If it fails please try again and if it keeps failing please contact us.

In the video bellow you see the process.

If you have any problems please contact us via mail at

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